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Add a Marble Countertop to your Kitchen!

marble countertop

Using marble throughout the home has many appeals for homeowners. For centuries, people have been using it in several rooms in the house, including the kitchen. Learn why you should add a marble countertop to your kitchen below! Easy to Clean Marble countertops are easy to take care of and require general cleaning when professionally… [Read More]

Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

Are you considering updating your kitchen with a custom kitchen island? Here are some of the top benefits of installing a kitchen island in your home. Increased Storage For a kitchen with limited storage space, a kitchen island can make a big difference with additional drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets. Plus, placing a recycling… [Read More]

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Philidelphia

White and Black Kitchen with Backsplash

If your are considering updating your kitchen into a modern, fresh room, Let’s Face It can help. Make a smart move and have your damaged cabinets refaced by the pros! We specialize in refacing cabinets and installing kitchen backsplashes and countertops. Refacing your kitchen cabinets is an affordable remodeling solution, in comparison to a renovation.… [Read More]

Ways to Achieve an Organized and Clean Kitchen

Organized and Clean Kitchen

Many homeowners come to the realization, or have visiting family members point out, that their kitchen needs help. Collecting too much glassware or having an abundance of eating utensils can create chaos in what used to be an orderly living space. Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen organized and clean.  … [Read More]

Minor Kitchen Remodel Projects

Kitchen Remodel Projects

A minor kitchen remodel can be a good investment for your home. A great thing about small remodels is that they cost less than major remodels. The average cost of a minor kitchen remodel is about $20,000. Most importantly, they add resale value to your home. You can increase your home’s value with resurfaced kitchen… [Read More]