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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

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The all-white kitchen will always be in style. It is a safe choice that you really could never go wrong with. However, there are many kitchen cabinet trends worth getting excited about for 2021. Three trends that we’re seeing in 2021 include ways to add a new look to your kitchen without the wait of a full kitchen remodel, increased creativity in kitchen decorating choices, and the growing importance of sustainability.


Learn more about these trends below:


Reface Your Cabinets

Many customers are opting for the refacing option rather than a full kitchen remodel. The refacing option is a common kitchen cabinet trend in 2021. Cabinet refacing contractors will remove your cabinet drawers and doors and leave your cabinet boxes in place. They will also make sure everything is sound with your cabinet boxes. Once you’ve selected your new cabinet doors, you will have added an entirely new look and feel to your kitchen. The process takes 3 to 5 days compared to a 3 to 5 week kitchen remodel; really helping those homeowners who are looking for a quicker option. One of the many perks to this route is that cabinet refacing is an environmentally friendly process that produces less waste than a normal remodel.


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Adding lighting under cabinets and in unexpected places is a great way to add soul and style to a kitchen. Many decorators who choose to do this, choose LED lights because of their energy efficiency qualities and are less expensive. 


Many homeowners are also showing that they are unafraid to branch out with color. Adding color is one of the key kitchen cabinet trends of 2021. Multiple finishing colors is no longer taboo. Combining safe, neutral colors with more vibrant choices is becoming more and more common. Kitchen Islands are also no longer just neutral colors. Try pairing an eye-catching island with white cabinets to really make your kitchen stand out. 


Living Sustainably is Becoming More Common 

The generation of people who will be in a prime position for home buying now, (or in the near future), are increasingly invested in taking care of the environment. The amount that an age group cares about the environment tends to increase from generation to generation. For example, Gen X would care more about the environment than Baby Boomers, Millennials more than Gen X, and so on and so forth. With this in mind, more businesses are tailoring products and services to be more environmentally friendly. This trend directly impacts interior decorating and furnishing. Home decorators making choices about cabinets are using more environmentally friendly materials to increase the sustainability of the home. This not only makes the home more environmentally friendly, but it also brings some flare to a kitchen.


This is sure to be an interesting year. Kitchen cabinets are moving in a much more colorful and environmentally friendly direction. These are just a few kitchen cabinet trends for 2021 to keep in mind!


Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Kitchen?

Have we convinced you to upgrade your kitchen cabinets? Refacing your kitchen cabinets is one of the very best returns on investments you can make in a kitchen remodeling project! If you’re interested in learning more about how Let’s Face It can assist you in adding some of these 2021 Kitchen Trends, give us a call today at (215) 343-2600!