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2023 Kitchen Sink Style Trends

stainless steel sink

The sink is a noticeable feature since it is typically the busiest zone in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type that suits your kitchen needs and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Knowing which kitchen sink style is right for you will depend on the aesthetic value and… [Read More]

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas for 2023

interior design

  Kitchen cabinet hardware adds functionality and style to any kitchen, as it transforms the look and feel of your kitchen space. Although cabinet hardware is like jewelry that adds sparkle to a kitchen, it is often overlooked. You might be asking yourself, what are some modern kitchen cabinet hardware ideas for 2023? Pick up… [Read More]

How to Design a Custom Kitchen Island

interior design

Kitchen islands are popular because of their versatility; however, the big question is how to customize a kitchen island that matches your personality while being optimally functional? This blog post will tell you exactly how to achieve that. Are you curious about how to design a custom kitchen island? See all our kitchen island tips… [Read More]


dark grey renovated kitchen

Let’s Face It can provide a facelift for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel. After many years of living in the same home, it becomes easier to spot the areas where we’d like to have a fresh look. However, the prospect of a full kitchen remodel often causes people… [Read More]

Cabinet Accessories You Should Add to Your Kitchen

kitchen cabinet accessories

Your kitchen cabinets are just places to store your junk, right? Wrong! In fact, if you properly organize your cabinets, they can be the best way to achieve a clutter-free kitchen. From drawer inserts to pull-out shelves to dividers, the list of possible kitchen cabinet accessories to make your life easier is endless. If you… [Read More]

How to Pick the Perfect Sink for Your Home

new kitchen sink

When designing their dream home, most people include kitchen upgrades. Whether you’re aiming to improve your home’s value or make it a place you love being, the kitchen is always a priority, and the sink is the centerpiece. The kitchen sink isn’t just a functional element of your home. It’s a design feature that helps… [Read More]

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

kitchen cabinet refacing

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune? Revamp your kitchen without undergoing a total renovation by upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Let’s Face It can help easily give you the kitchen of your dreams for half the price and in a fraction of the time. Cabinet refacing has several significant benefits that… [Read More]