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Kitchen Remodeling

3 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips For A Stress Free Summer

Kitchen cabinet renovation tips for Delaware County residents

Now that the summer weather is upon us, spending less time cleaning up around the house and more time outdoors is what we’re truly looking forward to the most. However, putting off organizing your kitchen can mean spending way too much time rummaging around to find the exact container or cooking ingredient you’re looking for. To live a more stress-free summer in your kitchen space, our organization professionals at Let’s Face It has the best kitchen organization ideas for maintaining your kitchen space with style.

Wall Mounts for Pans / Wooden Spoons

Have you been searching for a convenient way to access your pots, pans, and wooden spoons? We’ve all been there, the shelves start nice and neat, but over time they descend into disarray. You’ll love this kitchen organization idea! Try mounting your cookware and large cooking utensils on your wall with sturdy hooks. This organization hack enhances the function of your kitchen while adding a dash of style. When installing the hooks for mounting your cookware, be sure to install them in a way that makes taking them off the wall quick and easy to do. 

Swing Out / Pull Out Pantries

Want to incorporate cabinet organizers into your kitchen space? We highly recommend having a swing-out pantry installed in your kitchen. While cabinet space is great for storing your cups and other glassware, a custom cabinet will give you a unique feature with key functionality. From cooking oils to cans of food, you won’t believe how beneficial a swing-out pantry can be when you’re busy cooking!

Jar Organizers

It’s time to ditch the boxes of pasta, bags of rice, and other boxed foods and start storing them in plastic or glass jar containers. Jar organizers not only keep food fresher for a longer period of time but go great with cabinet organizers to make grabbing food quick and easy! We recommend putting labels on these jars so you know what you’re reaching for and date to keep track of the product’s shelf-life.

Ready to make the most of this summer? Don’t let your cluttered kitchen hold you back from enjoying this season to its fullest! Contact us today to bring convenience and organization into your kitchen space.