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Kitchen Remodeling

4 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen During the Winter

When thinking about renovating your kitchen, rarely is it considered “when is the best time?” With increasingly busy schedules and pandemic-related complications, it might seem difficult to map out the right period to commit to a kitchen makeover. In reality, updating your kitchen functionality and implementing a great aesthetic is a fantastic option in any season. There are, however, a plethora of reasons why the winter season actually is the best time for kitchen renovation


Upgrade your holiday entertainment space:

The holiday season has just passed us, and you may have discovered that your current kitchen wasn’t necessarily up for the task of feeding all of your hungry friends and family! By installing a kitchen makeover in the winter, you will certainly be prepared for next year’s Thanksgiving or Holiday celebrations. Not only will a kitchen upgrade help make cooking much more simple and efficient, it will also create a brand new look that will be sure to impress the guests you’re entertaining. You’ll also be ready for summer activities and gatherings.

upgraded kitchen during the holidays

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More time spent in the kitchen:

Studies show that people are less likely to dine out during the colder months in attempts to avoid unpleasant weather conditions. That means your kitchen might be an even more common meeting place than usual! What better time to huddle the family around a warm meal in a new kitchen that goes above and beyond your dining needs? Maybe you need more cabinet space or maybe longer countertops. As you continue to spend more and more time in your kitchen this winter, you might realize that it’s outdated for your family’s modern lifestyle. 


Plan a winter vacation:

Pennsylvania is known for its harsh and snowy winter months. By planning your kitchen makeover in the winter, you not only get an excuse to get the family out of the house, but you also get to avoid the beginning steps of the renovation process that are often the most laborious. So plan a COVID-friendly getaway while local home remodeling contractors finish the bulk of your renovation!

winter vacation

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Add value during a downtime: 

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most proven ways to immediately add market value to your home. A modern kitchen sits at the top of the list of important features that potential homebuyers want. There’s no better time to add value to your home than in the winter when contractors have more time and can be more flexible with your visions. In the spring and summer months, (while many other homeowners flock to begin their new renovation projects), your dream kitchen will already be in motion, or maybe even finished!  


Now that you know why the winter is really the best time for a kitchen renovation, the team at Let’s Face It can help to turn your kitchen dreams into reality. Whether you want a full makeover or you’re just looking for specific upgrades, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your new kitchen remodeling!