Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Benefits of Installing Backsplash To Your Kitchen

Most kitchen walls are plain and boring, but painting or putting up wallpaper can be expensive. Did you know that having a kitchen backsplash adds style to your kitchen at an affordable price?

If you are still not sure whether you should add a backsplash to your kitchen, then consider the following benefits:
1. EASY TO CLEAN: Make the messiest part of the house easier to clean with a backsplash. Dirt, food, or oil on a tile backsplash over sinks or stovetops can easily be wiped away with a sponge.

2. PROTECTS FROM SPLATTERS/STAINS: A kitchen backsplash protects wallpaper and painted walls from the splatter of cooking which can be impossible to remove.

3. NO SMELLS IN WALLS: Sometimes, cooking with certain spices can leave traces of odors in the walls of your kitchen. A ceramic tile backsplash prevents wallpaper and painted walls from absorbing cooking odors.

4. EASY DECOR OPTION: A kitchen backsplash easily adds flair to a plain-looking kitchen. With so many materials, shapes, and style options, you are sure to find the right backsplash to complement your kitchen.

5. HIDE INSTALLATION ERRORS: If your counter-tops aren’t flush against walls, a tile backsplash is a great way to hide small gaps.

6. INCREASES HOME VALUE: This type of decor upgrade not only looks great, but it also will make your wallet look better in the long run. Installing a kitchen backsplash increases the overall value of the kitchen and your home.

Let’s Face It offers a variety of backsplash options, along with countertops. Let’s Face It provides quality cabinet refacing and has been specializing in award-winning, affordable high-quality kitchen cabinet refacing restorations throughout the Great Philadelphia Region since 1984. Call us today at 215) 343-2600 or fill out a contact form.