Industry Update 2023


Cabinet Accessories You Should Add to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets are just places to store your junk, right? Wrong! In fact, if you properly organize your cabinets, they can be the best way to achieve a clutter-free kitchen. From drawer inserts to pull-out shelves to dividers, the list of possible kitchen cabinet accessories to make your life easier is endless. If you are looking to make cabinet upgrades to better organize your space, Let’s Face It has been the leading kitchen remodeling company in Montgomery County and Bucks County for over 30 years. Not only do we supply you with your kitchen cabinet accessories, but we can install them too! Our design team is experienced in working with all spaces, giving you the confidence that we can install any accessories to perfectly fit your unique kitchen. Our professionalism extends from your first inquiry call until we leave the job site, and we are committed to never leaving a mess after we complete a project. Your house is treated as if it were our own and all jobs are completed with as little disturbance to your daily life as possible.

Looking For Cabinet Accessory Ideas?

If you are thinking about making kitchen cabinet upgrades but are unsure where to start or what works best for you, our design team has come up with a helpful list to get you started. These accessories are beautiful additions to your kitchen that will help you organize your space and remain clutter-free. 

Trash Can Pull-Out – This is probably the most common accessory and a must-have. Trash cans can be purchased to fit the size of your cabinet, with an easy-to-install track. This is a great way to tuck away your unsightly (and sometimes smelly) garbage out of sight.

Spice Rack Pull-Out – All you need is 3” to add a spice rack pull-out, helping save space and also making spices much easier to find when you need them. 

Roll Out Accessory for Cabinets – Sick of digging around in the back of your cabinet for pots and pans in the size you need? Adding a roll-out cabinet enables you to quickly find whatever you need.

Blind Corner Pull Out – Are you taking advantage of the space in your kitchen corners? A traditional lazy susan might not be completely effective, but a pull-out makes the space much more usable and easy to navigate. 

Tray Divider – A simple but useful addition, a tray divider keeps all your cookie trays and pans upright and neat, allowing more to fit in your cabinet space.

Pantry Pull-Out – Your pantry is a great place to store items but is easy to get unorganized and messy. How often does something in the back of your pantry get forgotten about? Turning your pantry into a pull-out allows you to better utilize the depth your pantry has to offer and maximize your storage space.

Drawer Peg System – If your kitchen has more drawers than cabinets, a peg system is a simple way to separate plates, bowls, and silverware, keeping everything organized and segmented for you.

Cutlery / Knife Block Drawer – Most people have plastic tray dividers for silverware or knives, but step things up a notch by replacing the entire drawer with a built-in cutler/knife block drawer. Some even come with a cover that serves as a removable cutting board! 

Under Sink Cleaning Storage – Don’t throw cleaning supplies under the sink where they can spill over or get cluttered. Store everything in a neat storage rack, and consider a removable one that you can take out to move around when using. 

Charging Stations – Let’s face it, everybody is on their phone constantly these days. Charging stations are needed in nearly every room but can look messy on a kitchen countertop. The team at Let’s Face It can install a docking drawer, which is a hidden charging station that we install towards the back of your kitchen drawer, allowing you to keep your technology accessories out of view, keeping your kitchen tidy.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Let’s Face It

If you are ready to say goodbye to the clutter in your kitchen and enjoy a better-organized and more functional kitchen space, call Let’s Face It to get started with your kitchen cabinet accessory installation. Our team will help you design the add-on that fits best for your needs and space, working with you every step of the way. We provide the highest-quality materials and unmatched customer service to ensure your satisfaction with each project we complete. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation or to learn more about our additional services.