Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Remodeling with Cabinet Refacing

Real estate agents often tell prospective sellers that kitchen remodeling offers the best return on investment in increasing a home’s value. However, many people may either like their existing interior or not have a big budget to get work done whether for their own benefit or if they are planning on selling a house in the near future. In that case, cabinet refacing may offer a way to completely change the look of a kitchen without having to take out a loan.

How Cabinet Refinishing Works

Consultants from Bucks County kitchen remodeling firms like LFI Kitchens contact homeowners and go over a few key points:

1) What kind of budget is available for cabinet refacing. Many families opt for full door and exposed surface renovations that take advantage of real hardwood. However, for tighter budgets, veneers applied using thermofoil refacing can also be an option.

2) What look a buyer wants to achieve at the end of the process. LFI Kitchens, for example, can create new hardwood cabinet doors and drawer faces in a variety of colors or stains. While cabinet refacing is a cost-effective step, there is also a significant amount of variety that means consumers can find the color or design that works best for their new needs.

Cost Benefits of Refinishing Versus Complete Cabinet Replacements

Since the existing structure of the cabinets, drawers and other elements of the kitchen remain in place, the amount of work necessary to remodel the room are a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch. While most companies tailor a project based on their clients’ needs, projects can cost less than $10,000 even when using custom hardwood pieces. Other options can cost more than two times that amount.

In addition, we source our panels and other cabinet refacing materials from trusted contractors here in Pennsylvania. You can be sure that if you begin a project with LFI Kitchens, we will find the best material prices for your needs to go with our fair costs for labor and consultations since we are able to keep all elements of your remodeling project in house.

Usability During Remodeling Projects.

You will still have your cabinets and drawers to use when a company provides refacing work since the only thing missing will be the fronts. For families who cannot afford to eat out for a couple days to a week that can be an important consideration. For families who are looking to sell their home, trying to stage rooms including the kitchen can be difficult when there are materials all over the place and there is minimal access to items in cabinets or drawers.

In addition, cleanup occurs each day once workers are done at the home site without any harmful chemicals or harmful dust thanks to daily cleaning. Moreover, companies like Let’s Face It are able to complete most projects within one week, even if customers have questions or want to make minor changes.

Availability of Materials Benefits Homeowners

LFI Kitchens works with craftsman from Pennsylvania Dutch Country that make the custom doors and drawers tailored to fit your kitchen. They have access to locally sourced hardwoods and have years of experience working with a variety of stains and paints to ensure that you are able to find the look that you want. You can see some examples in our cabinet refacing project gallery.

Not only does that save you money as we noted above, but since we work with our Pennsylvania woodcarving and finishing team, we can quote you on both prices and timeframes knowing what materials are available. You do not have to worry about delays when you work with Lets Face It, Inc.

Using Cabinet Refacing as Part of a Larger Project

While updating the look of your kitchen with new doors and drawers can improve your home’s value on its own, it does not have to be the only improvement you make. Kitchen remodeling firms like LFI Kitchens offer the ability to add additional cabinetry, flooring and even new countertop surfaces. Take the savings from cabinet refacing and other options open up based on your budget.

Some kitchens make more sense for a cabinet updating project than others, of course. A full overlay door which covers up the complete face of the the fixture allows for veneers or hardwood covering without any gaps in a new look. The best bet, however, is to consult with a kitchen refacing firm that has certified kitchen and bath remodelers available for work with clients.