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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing: Why You Should Always Leave It To A Professional

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

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Refacing your cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank and completely renovating. However, cabinet refacing can go south when homeowners attempt the job themselves as a kitchen cabinet refacing DIY project. Simply searching “how to reface kitchen cabinets” will not give you the information and experience needed to produce flawless results, unfortunately. Let’s take a closer look into why it’s best to leave the cabinet refacing to the professionals. 


They Have the Necessary Experience

No matter how many DIY home projects you have successfully completed, it is always worth it to hire a professional for this particular job. It may seem easy, but there is actually a lot that goes into refacing kitchen cabinets in your home. Professionals are trained in handling the special equipment that is involved and have a special knack for precision, which your average homeowner may not possess. Due to their years of experience, professionals are able to complete the job quickly and with little error. Plus, there is nothing worse than messing up during a DIY job and having to call in the professionals anyways! 


Safety is Key

Not only is it important to protect the rest of your kitchen, but it is also extremely important to protect yourself. Although kitchen cabinet refacing DIY projects do not pose much risk, there is always room for accidents to occur. Plus, cabinet refacing makes a mess! Professionals are skilled in the proper prep work that will keep your home clean from the dust and fumes that accumulate during the job. Also, when you work with a professional, there is little chance that any damage will be done to the rest of your kitchen and home. Once they leave, your kitchen will look even better than before.


You Are Guaranteed a Warranty

If something goes wrong with your DIY project after it is completed, there is no one that is there to fix it for you except yourself. With all of the costs from the initial cabinet refacing DIY project, you may end up spending even more than it would’ve cost to hire a professional. When you work with a reputable professional on your cabinet refacing, they will provide you with a warranty to cover anything that may go wrong in the future. Plus, fixing things with a warranty comes with a zero-dollar price tag!


Kitchen Refacing with Let’s Face It

While a DIY project is always fun and rewarding, it’s important to leave cabinet refacing to the experts. However, before you click away to search “professional kitchen cabinet refacing near me,” consider the experts at Let’s Face It first. Since 1984, Let’s Face It has been providing the Delaware Valley and Greater Philadelphia area with unmatched, affordable cabinet refacing. We only use the highest quality materials that will last for years to come. Contact us today for a free in-home cabinet refacing evaluation. We can’t wait to make your dream kitchen come to life!