Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Remodeling

How To Choose The Perfect Countertop For Your Kitchen

kitchen countertopHave you been wanting to make changes to your kitchen space without completely remodeling the entire room? Believe it or not, upgrading your kitchen countertops alone can give off the impression that your space has been totally transformed. Whether you’re aiming for countertops that are aesthetically pleasing or countertops that can withstand all of your food preparation needs, the possibilities are truly endless! If you have been considering enhancing your kitchen with stunning countertops but aren’t sure how to choose a countertop material that works best for you, our countertop connoisseurs have the top kitchen countertop ideas that you need to get started.

Make A Statement With Quartz 

Did you know one of the most prominent countertop materials on the market is Quartz? Widely known for its resilience, Quartz is one tough man-made mineral, making it an excellent material for kitchen countertops. Homeowners are big advocates for Quartz countertops since they are easy to maintain, are antimicrobial, and especially since their design can be paired with an abundance of kitchen room colors and styles. You’ll never get tired of your Quartz countertops!

Never Go Wrong With Granite

Granite countertops have been and still are the most widely sought after kitchen accessory. In fact, reports from Houzz and NAHB’s Consumer Preference Survey showed that 64 percent of new homes consist of granite countertops, making it a very popular choice in the kitchen. While most people are under the impression that granite countertops are costly, this isn’t always the case. In fact, granite countertops add value to your kitchen space, not to mention, are stunning in appearance! If you are curious about what is the best kitchen countertop for your money, granite is always the way to go. Consider choosing granite countertops if you want to increase the value of your kitchen space, require durable countertops, or want a material that is easy to fix if accidentally chipped or scratched. 

Quartzite Is Always A Kitchen Win

Are you searching for a countertop material that requires low maintenance but still looks elegant? Quartzite may be the best bet for your kitchen! This elegant natural stone can compliment the rest of your kitchen space well and is bound to draw attention to anyone who steps foot in your kitchen, guaranteed to accentuate your kitchen’s ambiance. When you are unsure of how to choose a countertop material that fits your needs best, know that Quartzite requires little maintenance without jeopardizing style. Its uniform appearance just can’t be beaten!

Wood With A Wow Factor

Do you prefer woodwork? Wooden countertops are a radiant option that is guaranteed to increase the aesthetic of your kitchen. Whether you choose cherry, walnut, oak, or maple, you simply can’t go wrong with any wooden countertop material! Some popular wooden kitchen countertop ideas can be to mix different wood types together to create checked patterns or other intricate designs, making your kitchen space very unique. Be sure to reach out to your kitchen countertop installer to inquire about all the options you have when utilizing wooden countertops!

Why wait until the new year to transform your kitchen’s atmosphere? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of upgrading your kitchen countertops! Whether you are still indecisive on what is the best kitchen countertop for your money or have a handful of ideas but aren’t sure which to opt with, feel free to contact us today to get started!