Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Looking to spice up your kitchen’s look? Maybe you’ve had the same kitchen design since you moved in or you are looking to simply remodel just parts of the room. Whether it is painting the walls, adding new flooring or refacing your cabinets, a kitchen remodeling project gives you the chance to spruce up an outdated room.

When looking to plan your kitchen remodeling job in Bucks County, Let’s Face It will be there through the entire design process from beginning to end.


Here are some design trends to get you thinking about your next kitchen remodeling project!


When you are thinking about what lighting you want to add to your kitchen, keep in mind that lighting should be planned around your functional space. If you have a darker kitchen you will need to plan for more light sources for each work area. If you have a well-lit kitchen with large windows, you may only need to add some puck lights beneath the cabinets, a light over your island and a chandelier over the kitchen table.

A kitchen truly benefits from mixing a variety of lighting fixtures, including: ceiling-mount, recessed, pendant, chandeliers and others. If you have a smaller kitchen, using large, over-sized lighting fixtures can add a bold accent to the room. In the scheme of a kitchen remodeling project, adding simple pendant lights over an island gives your kitchen a bold, new look without taking too much of a risk. Let’s Face It, Inc. can suggest specific lighting fixtures for your kitchen remodeling project after having an initial design consultation.


Since most kitchen appliances tend to be neutral colors like, white, silver or black, homeowners are adding bolder colors to their kitchens. If your room has minimal wall space, consider adding a bright color to one wall so you don’t overpower the entire room. Maybe you would prefer adding a warmer color rather than a bright one? Subtle color hues like yellows and reds are always a popular choice because they are comforting and appetite stimulators. Mixing up a traditional color with a little pop of a bright hue is easy and adds just enough boldness to a classic look.


Homeowners have an array of diverse countertops to choose from these days like, natural stone or even eco-friendly options. The best countertop choice for your kitchen remodeling project all depends on the finish, look and feel you are aiming for. Many people are “going green” with their countertops by choosing Paperstone or other similar composite surfaces. Most of these countertops resist stains, scratches and heat and inhibit the growth of bacteria. They also emit no radon gasses and are safe for food. Another popular choice is a natural granite countertop. This option is heat-resistant and highly durable for daily use. You can have your granite countertops resealed annually to help prevent bacteria growth and long-term stains.

Looking to take the leap into a kitchen remodeling project in Bucks County? Let’s Face It, Inc. has years of experience and can help you make the best design choices for your kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a free onsite consultation.