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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends For 2016

One of, if not the most most popular home renovation projects are remodeling kitchens. One of the costliest parts of kitchen remodel are the cabinets. With all the choices available in today’s market, choosing the right cabinets for your home can seem a bit stressful. This stress can be greatly reduced by knowing some of the top cabinet design trends for 2016.

Transitional Cabinet Designs

A more simple, clean and subtle look is becoming a new trend in transitional cabinet door styles. these transitional cabinet designs have more of a modern style that continues to remain popular for homeowners for who are looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.


Antique English Cabinet Designs

This nostalgic cabinet style of Antique English Cabinets have been around since the early 1900’s and has been reinvented into more attractive versions in recent years. It remains a classic, clean style for those looking for a more traditional, timeless look.


Country Kitchen Cottage Cabinet Designs

Although white kitchen cabinets remain popular, their neutral counterparts (like gray) and more refined earthy tones are taking center stage for the warmth they add to your kitchen, along with the country kitchen cottage cabinets adaptability to blend with bold color accents and accessories.


Eclectic Cabinet Designs

What’s the point of having dead space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling? Homeowners now realize that extending cabinets to the ceiling provides more storage space and creates an opportunity for beautiful crown molding, which is especially prominent on the eclectic kitchen cabinet designs.