Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Spring Into Action: Here are Three Ways to Refurbish Your Kitchen This Season

Refurbished kitchen in Montgomery County, PA

We know that this has been an odd spring so far due to the coronavirus, and while all of us are going stir crazy from being quarantined, we’re trying to see the silver lining of spending all of this time at home. For us, it’s that we’re able to finally make a list of all of the home improvement projects we want to take action on once this is all past us! If your kitchen is an area in your home that drives you crazy, we want you to know that quarantine or not, there are still steps you can take towards refurbishing your kitchen this season. To help you out with this — while still social distancing —  the Let’s Face It team is here with the three things you should look for in your kitchen right now, so you can refurbish it when you’re ready to.  

Make Your Cabinets Look as Fresh as a Daisy 

Whether your kitchen cabinets have aged from daily wear and tear or they were in poor condition when you moved into your home, now is the time to freshen up your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, cabinet refacing is an easy and eco-friendly way to achieve new kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank! Not only can cabinet refacing give you cabinets that are a different color, material, finish, but you can also add new features to your kitchen, such as a kitchen island, additional cabinets or other details you may want. Plus, cabinet refacing will also leave you with new cabinet doors and drawers, new hardware (such as lifetime guaranteed hinges!) and new crown or speciality moldings. 

It’s Time to Nip Kitchen Organization in the Bud

Although we’re all being forced to stay in our homes right now, we want you to think of this as the perfect opportunity to take inventory of all of the organization issues you’re having in your kitchen. To help you do this, we’ve come up with important questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you have charging wires all over the place?
  • Are your spices all over your pantry?
  • Is your wine storage lacking
  • Have your drawers become a mess?
  • Does your visibly trash can/recycling bin drive you crazy?

If you answered yes to any (or maybe all!) of the above, then our kitchen cabinet accessories will be a game-changer! Now that you know where your kitchen can be improved, you’ll be ready to take action and refurbish your kitchen once the world is back to normal.

Bring Your Refurbished Kitchen to Life With Small Details

We don’t care what anyone says: The grass is always greener on the other side of a refurbished kitchen! But in order to make sure your refurbished kitchen truly springs to life, you’re going to want to give the small details some attention, too. For example, if you’ve decided to reface your cabinets in a new color, will your current backsplash work with them? Or what about your countertop — will that be cohesive with your new kitchen cabinets? If not, you’re going to want to choose a cabinet refacing company that can do it all — you’re going to want to choose Let’s Face It!

Whether your cabinet refacing project includes a kitchen island installation, new cabinet accessories, a backsplash upgrade or a countertop replacement, the LFI team is here to help you refurbish your kitchen this season! Contact us today to schedule your consultation with your team.