Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

How We Avoid Common Cabinet Refacing Mistakes

Cabinet refacing offers one of the most economical and effective options for updating a kitchen without the cost or hassle of a full cabinet replacement. However, this dream improvement can quickly become a nightmare if proper procedures and guidelines are not followed.

In all too many cases, minor and major mistakes can extend the time and cost required for a cabinet refacing job. In a worst-case scenario, the finished result will fall short of the homeowner’s vision and expectations.

Accurate Measuring, Sizing and Placement

The most crucial element for successfully refacing cabinets in San Diego or any city is accuracy. Precise measuring of each element to be refaced is critical to smooth workflow and ultimately the success of the project. Other kitchen elements such as appliances, fixtures and kitchen islands should be accurately accounted for as well; even an eighth inch (or less) of inaccuracy can throw off the entire job. Partnering with a company that is experienced in refacing cabinets in San Diego can be indispensable to this important first step in the cabinet refacing process.

Fit, functionality and aesthetics should factor into the measurement process. For example, kitchen islands should be no larger than eight feet long and three feet deep for optimal aesthetics in most kitchens. It’s also best to select cabinet hardware that is sleek and understated rather than trying to make it the focal point of the kitchen.

Ample room should be left around kitchen islands and corners for all family members to move about safely and comfortably. All elements should have a cohesiveness and “flow,” with no jarring or distracting components.

Storage and Lighting

A cabinet refacing project is an opportunity to consider other kitchen elements related to the job. Does the kitchen have enough storage and ample lighting? Now is an ideal time to address these issues. Even the most gorgeous cabinets will fall flat under dull or inadequate lighting. Without enough storage, the kitchen won’t be optimized for functionality.

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