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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

How Cabinet Refacing Saves Time & Money

How Cabinet Refacing Saves Time & Money

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Have you grown tired of looking at the same old kitchen every day? Is your kitchen past due for a much-needed upgrade? You use your kitchen more than almost any other room in your home. If you’re tired of looking at the same paint and cabinets every day, then maybe it’s time for a change! Cabinet refacing involves replacing cabinet skin panels and applying a new veneer over the existing part of the body. The benefits of cabinet refacing make it a very popular kitchen upgrade for homeowners everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at some of those benefits to help you decide if this home improvement project is right for you and your kitchen. 


The Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Refacing kitchen cabinets can save you money while still giving your kitchen that upscale & fresh look you’ve been searching for. If your current kitchen layout is acceptable and you have no advantage to completely redesigning the actual design, then kitchen cabinet refacing is for you! By changing the door style on your existing cabinets, drawer fronts, and covering the sides and face frames, you can achieve a high-end designer quality kitchen of your dreams with savings up to 60 percent over conventional tear out and replacement. With Let’s Face It, you can even upgrade cabinet accessibility by adding new cabinet interior options such as rollouts for pots & pans, wastebaskets, drawer organizers, etc. Since Let’s Face It maintains a fully equipped woodshop, you can even add an island or additional matching cabinets.


By choosing a kitchen cabinet refacing project instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, you save all the time and money compared to what you would encounter with a larger floor-to-ceiling kitchen remodel project. Installing new cabinets could take weeks while refacing kitchen cabinets only takes a few days. Also, when you install new cabinets, you may need to pull building permits along with encountering new countertops, plumbing, electric upgrades, and most likely new flooring which would lead to even more added costs. If you are looking for more eco-friendly ways to accomplish a kitchen makeover, then refacing kitchen cabinets is the ideal choice. Refacing reduces the amount of waste because you are simply restoring your current kitchen cabinets instead of throwing them away.


Professional Cabinet Refacing

With cabinet refacing, you can revitalize an old, uninspiring kitchen and give it a fresh look for a small cost in a short amount of time. Although some people choose the DIY route for their cabinet refacing project, it is always recommended to hire a professional to save time and yield the best results. You see your kitchen every day, after all, so a botched DIY job is not ideal! If you’re wondering “who does the best kitchen cabinet refacing near me,” then Let’s Face It is here to save the day! Let’s Face It is an award-winning and affordable high-quality kitchen cabinet refacing company that has been providing Delaware Valley and Greater Philadelphia homes with beautiful kitchen renovations since 1984. If you’re interested in refacing your kitchen cabinets, contact us today to schedule a free in-home cabinet refinishing evaluation.