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3 Tips For Cabinet Refacing To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

kitchen cabinet refacing for larger kitchen space

3 Tips For Cabinet Refacing To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Now that summer is in full swing, there’s plenty of time to make all the home adjustments you’ve been dreaming about all year long! While people tend to focus on their bathrooms or bedrooms for their next home improvement job, upgrading your kitchen not only boosts your home’s value, but makes the atmosphere in this space more enjoyable. The best part about enhancing your kitchen space is that it doesn’t have to be super expensive to do so. Leave it to the kitchen cabinet specialists at Let’s Face It for the inside scoop on how to make a small kitchen look bigger with these stylish kitchen cabinet tips.

Bright Cabinets Leaves A Big Impact

Not only do lighter wall colors foster a more open feel to your kitchen space, but having high quality colored cabinets can give off the illusion of a larger kitchen area. Using a shade of white— whether it be ivory, eggshell or cream— turns out to be the best color for small kitchens, allowing light to reflect more volume area in this room. Cabinet refacing can save you money on kitchen upgrades and gives you a quick solution to transforming your current cabinet situation efficiently. When you’re in the market to make these changes, choose lighter cabinets as the best color for your small kitchen!

Warm Wooden Cabinets Create More Space
Did you know that wooden cabinets give off the impression that your kitchen is larger than it actually is? Wooden cabinets that give off a soothing, warm color, pulling away from that cabinet eye sore feeling and materialize a more appealing visual for your kitchen space! These warm colors give off the impression of a more cozy environment rather than a cramped feeling, bringing together your room more beautifully than ever before.

Cabinet Accessory Must-Haves

Have you been questioning how to make your small kitchen look bigger well beyond simply improving your cabinets surface? We highly recommend utilizing additional cabinet accessories that maximize your space efficiently! Stemware Racks, for example, allow a fashionable way to store your wine glasses and other beautiful glassware so you can use more cabinet space for other kitchen essentials. Talk about top tier kitchen cabinet tips!

Are you ready to put an end to having a small kitchen in your home? Let’s Face It has the perfect cabinet refacing services you require to make your current kitchen look appear more spacious than ever! Contact us today for all your cabinet refacing questions and kitchen space enhancements.