Industry Update 2023

Beth S.

Beautiful home design has always been an important part of my life. After my former career in manufacturing management I am truly happy to have an opportunity to use the skills I have developed over the years during the many renovations I have designed and implemented.

As a person who loves to cook, seeing the process of old kitchens transformed from outdated and barely functional spaces into bright welcoming “new” kitchens was especially gratifying. After renovating spaces in several house I came to realize that as a creative person, I really enjoy seeing the old become newer and better while keeping the elements that are still functional and meaningful.

Kitchens are gathering spaces. Knowing how much a transformation of a kitchen will transform a house, it is especially gratifying for me to work with my clients to help them achieve their vision for their gathering space, while minimizing the disruption to their lives. It is a privilege and a joy to be welcomed into people’s homes and to participate in such an enjoyable process.