Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

9 Ways to Accessorize Your Bucks County Kitchen Cabinets

While you love many aspects of your kitchen, there may also be some details you’d like to improve. Yet as an environmentally-conscious homeowner, you know the profound impact on the environment that completely overhauling your entire kitchen would create.

No one understands this better than Montgomery County’s family-owned and -operated kitchen cabinet refacing company, the aptly named Let’s Face It Kitchens.

Take it from us: There are endless ways to enhance the space, improve the aesthetic appeal, and accessorize your kitchen without impacting the environment — or your pocketbook!

Here are just 9 of them:

1. Cool New Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls

Like brand new buttons on a favorite old coat, new hardware for your kitchen cabinets and drawers can make a stunning difference in the overall look of the room. Today there are as many different shapes, designs, and materials from which to choose as there are finishes and colors. Of course, with everything from polished chrome and brushed nickel to oil-rubbed bronze crystal and antique brass available, the decisions can definitely feel overwhelming. But when you work with a design consultant from Let’s Face It, you’ll be able to see and physically touch any number of different options. This allows you to experience for yourself which are the most functional and which are the most aesthetically appealing.

2. Pull-Out Trash and Recycling Bins

While it’s typical to place a trash can near your kitchen’s island or under the sink (where it takes up too much space), it’s not practical and it’s not pretty. No one wants to see your garbage 24/7, including you! With help from the experts at LFI Kitchens, not only will you be able to hide your trash in its own special pull-out storage bin that looks like a cabinet door — you’ll also have a separate space for all the empty pop cans, water bottles, and other recyclables you save throughout the week for recycling.

3. Neat Drawer Dividers

If you’re tired of the unsightly and overflowing plastic bins you bought at the local discount store for your silverware, consider customer drawer dividers. Available for all size drawers, you can neatly organize your cutlery, your pots and pans, and even your spices.

4. Lazy Susans and Corner Carousels

Yes, you can have Lazy Susans and corner carousels built right into your current shelving. These additions make it super easy to find, access, and organize everything from your favorite tea cups and cocktail glasses to your condiments and soups.

5.Convenient Pull-Out Shelves

With a pull-out shelf, you no longer have to bend all the way down (or get on your knees) to find and reach that big roasting pot in the back of your cabinet. Now you can simply open the cupboard-turned-pull-out shelf for instant and easy access.

6. User-Friendly Pullout Pantry Units

While a kitchen pantry (any pantry) is better than no pantry, it’s very easy to forget what you have in it and when the products expire when the foodstuffs inside it aren’t easy to access. With a pull-out pantry unit, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for while also checking its expiration date, all without having to lift it out of the unit.

7. Much Needed Kitchen Cabinet Tray Divider

Tired of hiding your cookie trays and baking sheets in your oven? Have tray dividers installed in your cabinets for these big and clumsy (but oh-so-necessary) baking items.

8. Let’s Face It’s Refacing

An environmentally friendly “green” process, LFI can have your cabinet doors and drawers remade to fit perfectly with your existing shelving and surfaces. Your new doors and drawers will be installed with lifetime guaranteed hinges, and your existing exposed surfaces will be covered to match those brand new doors and drawers.

9. Cookbook Pull-Downs

The recipes you have from grandma’s cookbook will never be found on the Internet, so instead of keeping those beloved index cards in a shoebox until you need them, have cookbook pull-downs installed in your kitchen underneath your upper cabinets. While it’s incredibly convenient to have them right there with you in the kitchen, it also saves space when preparing your family’s secret recipes, because you won’t have an unwieldy pile of cookbooks and recipe filing systems taking up precious counter space!

* * * * * * *

The kitchen is the heart of every home in Montgomery County and Bucks County. It’s the space in the house where messes are made and recipes are shared; it’s the room where you grab a post-work refreshment or catch the kids (or yourself) trying to sneak that late-night snack. We entertain our friends, try out new concoctions, eat, drink, gather, laugh, and cry — all in our kitchens. It’s the place where lifelong memories are made, long-lost stories are told, fabulous birthday cakes are baked, bubbly is poured, and school lunches are packed (replete with special little handwritten notes).

The kitchen warms our home, comforts our cravings, and ignites the spark that is the center of every love and laughter-filled home. Doesn’t it make good sense to have the most beautifully convenient kitchen possible?

To learn how Let’s Face It can reface, remodel or accessorize your kitchen, visit us online and contact us today!