Industry Update 2023


Celebrating 40 Years of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 40 years of quality, service-first kitchen cabinet refacing for the greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area! We couldn’t be prouder of our work and more grateful to the homeowners who’ve supported us over the years – simply by infusing new life into the veritable core of their home.

Let’s Face It founded our company on an immense appreciation for the role of the kitchen in a home. We also wanted to give our communities white glove service without the time- and budget-crunching ordeal of a floor-to-ceiling remodel. Read on to learn why kitchen cabinet refacing has become our core service and how we’ve adapted our skills accordingly.


Celebrating Home and Family Starts in the Kitchen

white kitchen renovated

From a place to watch the sunrise with your morning brew to a days-end family gathering space, the kitchen supports a healthy rhythm throughout the day.

That’s why we’ve watched certain attempts at perfecting kitchen spaces with conflicted feelings. On the one hand, it makes sense to make the space your own, sparing no consideration during a full-fledged kitchen renovation. Yet this asks families to put a significant hold on not just the heart of their home but their very lifestyle and base comforts.


A Better Way to a Kitchen That’s Easy to Love

wooden kitchen islandSeeing the frustration and worry (and even tears!) that too often accompany full kitchen overhauls, we knew there had to be a better way. We set our sights on determining which kitchen upgrades held the highest bang for the buck, but without all the stress – the lighter side of kitchen remodels.

Could devoting our team’s collective skill and experience to primarily refacing kitchen cabinets fulfill the average homeowner’s vision for a unique, custom kitchen experience?

While we also branched out into other value-adding work over the years (including bespoke countertops, tile backsplashes, and island installations), we were pleased to find that an artful kitchen cabinet refacing works wonders to refresh the entire space. It also saves enormous amounts of time, money, and stress.


Esteem and Accolades

These conclusions weren’t just our own opinion. Let’s Face It began garnering rave reviews and extensive media attention, including various features for the general audience, trade magazines, national TV spots, and – most heartwarming to us – our clients.

Our efforts were all more crowd-pleasing from a purely economic sense. Deciding to reface kitchen cabinets saves up to 60%, compared to replacement services, all while reducing waste and maximizing the utility of what’s already working well in your kitchen. Perhaps most important is that our services provide minimal disruption to our clientele’s daily rhythm.

It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve also earned esteemed awards for our cabinet refacing and other kitchen design work:

  • Best of House & Home 2022
  • Contractor of the Year from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)


Staying True to Our Roots

Through it all, we’ve always remembered where we’ve come from and the fundamentals that made us who we are: skilled, friendly service using top-grade materials at the most competitive price. It’s good business to us and precisely what our community should expect from any contracting work, big or small.

That said, we consider no job too small! We’ve shaped much of our cabinet refacing services around a philosophy of enhancing kitchen function throughout the work, not just after. There’s more than one way to upgrade a kitchen, but only a few will support a greater sense of ease, joy, and livelihood midway through.


Reface Kitchen Cabinets To Celebrate Your Home and Family!

Kitchen Cabinet RefacingWhile four decades is no small endeavor, we’re already looking forward to another 40 years of dedicated kitchen craftsmanship for the wider Philadelphia and surrounding area.

If you’re seeking the best “cabinet refacing near me,” look no further than our nationally recognized, locally renowned kitchen cabinet artistry. Our in-house crews are also fully adept with new cabinet installations – and for loftier ambitions, we’re also no strangers to complete design-and-build services.

Above all, the kitchen is a veritable hearth that pumps vigor and life throughout your home. Make it your own – contact Let’s Face It or book a complimentary consultation (including virtual appointments). You can also save big with our rotating cabinet refacing specials, which you can learn about on our special offers page.