Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Don’t Replace — Reface!

A complete tear-out and re-installation of new kitchen cabinets is a lengthy, expensive project, which will cause inconvenience in your household for weeks. Replacing cabinets often requires unexpected expenses to repair and finish floors, ceilings, walls, or windows, because the replacement cabinets do not fit in the same space occupied by the previous cabinets. In cabinet refacing, the timeline is shorter and the mess, cost, and disruption are minimized.

Cabinet refacing in your kitchen – DONE in a week or less.

Our expert craftsmen custom fit our cabinet refacing system perfectly to any type of kitchen, so there are few unexpected problems or repairs. And if you have room and want to reconfigure your layout, or add a peninsula or island, Let’s Face It can do that for you, too.

To attain high quality in new cabinetry you must be prepared to spend a lot of money because quality comes at a cost. Problems with inexpensive new cabinets include lower quality finishes that wear prematurely, shelves that sag a few years after installation, and weak drawer box construction.

Cabinet Refacing at Up to Half the Cost of New Cabinets!

By contrast, renewing cabinets with a quality, solid wood refacing system from American Wood Reface allows you to:

  • Improve The Quality Of The Original Cabinets
  • Enhancing Their Beauty
  • Increasing Space And Functionality With High-End Features Such As Roll-Out Trays, A Wine Rack, Or Microwave Shelf.

The finished appearance and quality of a kitchen by Let’s Face It is comparable to new custom cabinetry, at much less cost.


To learn more about the ranges of cost and quality available in new cabinetry, read Cabinetry Grades. You’ll find that Let’s Face It is a great value, offering a quality level similar to custom cabinetry at up to half the cost.