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Key Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Sink

sink replacementWhile your bathroom or kitchen sink requires little to no attention, maintenance, or repair, there comes a time when you need to invest in a new fixture to ensure your safety and well-being. When considering if you need to purchase a new sink, there are signs to look out for. 

1. Mold Growth

Mold has a way of growing and getting under your sink. If you notice any mold, it is important to get it treated immediately before it turns into a health concern and a pricey fix.

Even minor water damage under sink can result in mold growth. If it is left alone for too long, mold can expand through your walls and air vents. 

2. You Are Putting Your House on the Market

A quick and easy way to boost your home is by purchasing a new bathroom or kitchen sink. Outdated sinks and tarnished faucets are an immediate turn-off to a potential buyer. A new, modern sink will instantly elevate your home and provide a clean, fresh feel. 

3. Cracks or Damages

Many bathroom sink materials can easily be damaged by curling irons, water damage under sink, and cleaning products. If your current sink has any damages or cracks then sink replacement services are needed immediately. 

When you are faced with a damaged sink, many homeowners consciously decide to replace rather than repair it. A sink repair job can cause an array of problems including leaking pipes, the use of wrong materials, the need for future repairs, and high expenses. Surprisingly, a sink replacement could cost you the same if not less money than a repair. 

4. A Rusting Sink

Wherever there is water, there is a potential for rust. Once rust appears, it is nearly impossible to erase. 

Over time, rust can wear down your pipes, resulting in leaks and holes. Similarly to mold, if left alone, rust can cause serious health concerns. When your sink begins rusting, it is essential to conduct sink replacement services

5. Constant Sink Clogging

A sink clog now and then is normal, but consistent clogging is an issue. If a plumber has already checked out the clog numerous times and it is still occurring, then you might be dealing with a more serious problem. Purchase a new sink to save yourself time, money, and a headache. 

How to Replace a Sink?

When it comes time for your sink replacement, you may be wondering, “how to replace a sink?” While replacing your sink can be a DIY project, it is slightly complicated. It is a time-consuming task and you must be aware of the installation process. It is recommended to contact your trusted plumbers at Let’s Face It. 

Why Choose Let’s Face it? 

Let’s Face It is a one-stop solution for any sink replacement service. We offer nearly forty different sink options to ensure there is a perfect sink for your home. After finding the ideal sink, Let’s Face It can perform the installment process with our expertise in plumbing. Contact us today at (215) 343-2600 to start your sink replacement project!