Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Homeowners in the Philadelphia area thinking about selling their house in the near future should seriously consider an inexpensive kitchen makeover to increase the home’s eye-appeal to perspective buyers. In today’s market sellers need every break they can get to attract the buyer’s attention. Doing a kitchen makeover by refacing kitchen cabinets, updating the flooring and replacing old appliances can turn a dated, dull kitchen into an attention-grabbing central hub of the home. The best part, according to the 2013 Cost Versus Value Report by Hanley Wood for the Middle Atlantic region (including Philadelphia), is on average, 66.2% of the cost will be returned to you if you sell your home within the year. The return on investment will increase with each passing year.

A normal kitchen makeover can become very costly, especially if you plan on completely replacing your kitchen cabinets. The process of tearing down old kitchen cabinetry and then replacing it with brand new cabinets is not only expensive but is an inconvenient process for you and your home, making the room unusable for up to 5-6 weeks. The benefit of kitchen cabinet refacing is that it allows you to update your look in a quick amount of time with little to no interruption to your home. This budget-friendly alternative takes only a few days up to a week to complete, which is very helpful if you are eager to get it on the market.

When you a hire a kitchen cabinet refacing expert to complete this project for you, you are guaranteed a polished, professional look in the end. After deciding what style you wish to go with for your kitchen makeover, an expert will work to replace your existing cabinet doors and drawers with brand new ones, in the wood, finish and with the door and knob style of your desired choice. Even if you want to make minor changes to your actual kitchen layout, a kitchen cabinet refacing company can make these adjustments for you.

The main steps in kitchen cabinet refacing are the following:

  1. Old kitchen cabinetry is removed from the kitchen

  2. New kitchen cabinet doors are measured to exactly fit

  3. All exposed surfaces are covered in your choice of material, either foil or wood

  4. New kitchen cabinet drawers, doors & crown moldings are installed

  5. Final details and additions for your kitchen makeover are also installed

Want to update your kitchen before selling your home or think you just need a kitchen makeover? Let’s Face It has been featured in many decorating magazines and has been specializing in high quality kitchen cabinet refacing restorations throughout the Philadelphia region since 1984. Contact us for a free in-home cabinet refacing evaluation today so we can get started on creating your dream kitchen.