Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Remodeling

Design Spotlight: French Country Kitchen

At Let’s Face It, Inc. one of our kitchen remodeling projects included a home in Montgomery County where we chose a French country design. With this style we went with traditional finishes, hardwood flooring and neutral colors.

What is French Country?

This style of design for kitchen remodeling is inspired by the beautiful homes of Provence. A French country design is defined by its timeless and elegant look with a touch of country and nature accents tied in. It usually incorporates distressed woodwork, vibrant and subdued hues, antiques, florals, gilded elements, trims and finishes (ruffles, fringe, lace) and other rustic inspired details.

In our kitchen remodeling project we went with a traditional “Washington” finish over hardwood sugar maple flooring. Hardwood is always an ideal choice for a kitchen remodeling project. It may not be the top choice for a French country design but it definitely gives the room that same rustic feel to complement the remainder of the décor. Another look that emphasizes a French country kitchen is a black and white checkerboard tile design either laid straight or diagonally.


In our Montgomery County kitchen remodeling project we finished the island in French Country Cottage “Tuscany” beadboard. This is a form of decorative wood paneling that can be used in a variety of home remodeling projects, ideally for kitchens. It gives the room a country, cottage-like feel and has become more and more popular these last few years. Homeowners choose this look for a few different things in their kitchens including, cabinetry, islands and backsplash. We chose to use the beadboard for the island to complete the French country design.

As for colors, this kitchen remodeling project involved neutral colors like off-white, beige and green. A typical French country kitchen would have walls made of stone and clay, so to incorporate this look into a design neutral colors are often used. Homeowners may also choose to add accent colors like bright yellows, cobalt blues, blazing reds and deep purples.

As for lighting in a French country kitchen, going with brass or iron fixtures with simple details are usually the ideal choice. In our kitchen remodeling project we used this look for lighting over the island and kitchen table.

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