Industry Update 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

What Is Included In Cabinet Refacing?

Many older kitchens have cabinets and other features that are far from the aesthetic preferences of modern homeowners and the efficient functionality of homes that have recently been built, and remodeling your entire kitchen is often the first option to come to mind when it comes to considering how to make it look more like your vision. However, completely replacing your cabinets or planning larger remodeling projects is expensive, time-consuming, and often unnecessary because cabinet refacing can create a similar new look at a fraction of the cost. With this option, we leave the majority of the structure of your cabinets in place and add a new layer that incorporates your design ideas to the surface.


Why It Makes Sense to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing your kitchen cabinets can be a helpful solution for giving your kitchen a fresh new look without the significant costs and inconvenience that can come with more in-depth kitchen renovations. Here are some of the most significant benefits of choosing refacing over a more complex alternative!


Reduce Costs

Refacing your kitchen cabinets generally requires fewer materials and less labor than replacing them, which means that this is usually a more cost-effective option. By reducing the amount of components of your cabinets (or the rest of your kitchen) that need to be replaced and the amount of time and effort that will be needed to make it happen, many homeowners that choose refacing save approximately 60 percent of the total cost that might be needed for a full replacement or renovation.


Faster Project Completion Time

Likewise, replacing fewer parts of your cabinets means that you will get to enjoy your new kitchen within a shorter time frame than what you might expect if you planned to completely redo them. Although the exact time frame your cabinet refacing project will require can vary significantly based on the size, type, and overall complexity of your cabinets and how much you want them to be changed, we can generally finish most cabinet refacing projects within approximately one week.


Convenient Alternative to Replacing Your Kitchen

Redoing your entire kitchen usually means that you will not be able to use it at all for at least one month, which can make cooking and storing food challenging. With a refacing project, we have more flexibility to only take apart what we are actively working on at any given time, and completing larger projects in stages means that you can still have access to the rest of your kitchen before and after each work day.


What the Cabinet Refacing Process Looks Like

Cabinet refacing is a much simpler process than replacing your cabinets because this option allows us to leave the majority of your cabinets in place and avoid any major changes to their structure. With this process, we simply cover the exterior of your existing cabinets with new wood, which serves as a fresh surface that can be redesigned according to your preferences. Once you choose the color and style of wood you want, you can move on to selecting details like finishes, handles, and paint that can help your cabinets blend into or stand out from the rest of your kitchen. We can also add to your existing cabinets by creating islands, additional drawers or shelving, pull-out bins, and other features that can add a modern touch to your older cabinets.


See Why Cabinet Refacing Is So Popular!

At Let’s Face It, we know that adjusting your kitchen to better match your unique style does not always need to involve an expensive and time-consuming renovation. Our team can help you evaluate your current cabinets to determine what you can benefit from keeping and identify specific changes you would like to make to transform your current cabinets into part of your dream kitchen. Contact us today to learn more about the cabinet refacing process or to schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation!